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Corporate Wellness

The definition of corporate wellness is broad but we try to simplify it. We consider corporate wellness as any program designed to encourage healthier lifestyle, and choices for your workplace. It is directed at maximising employees resilience and capacity to engage with their work in a meaningful way. The implementation of the definition of corporate wellness can bring many valuable benefits to your workplace. Research suggests that corporate wellness programs can reduce absenteeism, improve productivity and grow positive morale.

Indigo Wellness & Consulting Services Corporate Wellness
We have been engaging with various corporates/companies implementing corporate wellness programs and that has benefited them to in minimising job stress, work disengagement and discouraged employees. Often people ask what is corporate wellness? Here are some of the interesting insights about corporate wellness:

Corporate wellness comes in many shapes and sizes
Our psychologists working in corporate wellness can inspire healthy living, giving employees more satisfaction and incentive to stay with a company. We also strive to save companies money by proactively preventing work accidents and medical conditions. Corporate wellness initiatives are systematic and holistic they can include a wide range of services, webinars and facilitation of workshops.